Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taylor Hanson dishes out advice to Justin Bieber

It’s survival 101 Hanson style!

During the late nineties there was a long haired, guitar playing boy band of brothers called Hanson who were very, very pretty. Well at least one of them was and that made up for the other two’s short comings.
Now Hanson are back in the UK on tour and the pretty one, Taylor, has been dishing out advice to Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers on how to stay afloat in the mad, bad world of teeny bop-dom.

He told The Metro that young acts need to stay true to themselves and know who they are.
“I don’t think you can survive it if you don’t know why you are really there – if it’s someone else’s vision of you.”

The Hanson frontman also pointed out the importance of young acts taking control of their own careers and not having people around them with ulterior motives.
“With the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber, I hope they’ve got their hands wrapped around their careers and they are directing it and steering it because if not, you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.”


He added that it’s best not to get too arrogant otherwise people will shoot you down (we think he was looking at a picture of Bieber when he said this).
“If you are putting yourself up on a pedestal, you have to realise someone is going to try and shoot you in the head with a BB every once in a while and knock you off the wall.”
What do you think of Taylor’s advice to Bieber et al? Reckon these acts have the staying power?
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