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Siobhan’s dream

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June 03, 2011

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HOMECOMING QUEEN – Barnstable’s own Siobhan Magnus will light up the stage at the Cape Cod Melody Tent June 18, performing with Lunar Valve and the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra of Boston. For show time and tickets visit

Cape Cod’s idol takes her talent to the Melody Tent
When Siobhan Magnus was in her teens she scored tickets to a Hanson show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, where she danced, screamed, pledged her undying love to Zac and shed not a few joyful tears while watching her idols perform live just a few feet away.
On June 18, Magnus, Cape Cod’s own idol, will take to that same stage to perform a show she hopes her own devoted fans will appreciate and enjoy.
“It’s just really exciting because I’ve seen so many shows here,” Magnus said during an interview this week at the Tent. “To be performing here is really special.”
Since appearing on, and finishing in the Top 10 of, season nine on American Idol, Magnus has performed in a number of locales, but feels that the Melody Tent offers concertgoers something unique.
“There are not a lot of venues like this,” she said. “It’s very personal. You’re able to connect with the whole audience.”
Magnus recalled being at shows at the Tent and making eye contact with performers, including Zac Hanson himself. She hopes to share similar moments with her audience, while introducing them to the full spectrum of Siobhan Magnus the musician.
According to Magnus, the show will feature performances from all areas of her musical interests, including sets with her band Lunar Valve, solo sets and performances with Boston-based band URO (Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra), of which her uncle is a member.
“I hope that people take [the show] almost as an explanation or an example of how I think it’s difficult to choose one kind of music,” Magnus said.
Longtime fans will note that the songstress has some eclectic tastes, ranging from Billie Holiday to The Pixies. Magnus said that while Lunar Valve’s music is decidedly edgier than that of her first single, “Beatrice Dream,” her concert flows.
“It’s not this mish mash of one kind of music,” she said. “I’m really excited to see people’s reactions to my music, the stuff I’ve written.”
That will include four tracks of her own creation, one being the aforementioned “Beatrice Dream,” a song Magnus co-wrote with Chaise Flanders that she said captures the struggles of feeling required to temper her dreams.
“When I was little I had so many different, crazy ideas of the things I wanted to be growing up,” she said. “I had all different perspectives thrust upon me as a child.”
An uncle was a sailor, fueling an interest in sailing. Her grandfather Judge Joe Reardon frequently took her to the Barnstable County Courthouse, where she learned a bit about law and local history. At Barnstable High School there was theatre, Shakespeare and music.
Magnus said what got confusing was being told to choose one passion from a long list, hence the song lyrics, “When I was just a girl/ I made a list of things I wanted to be/A pocket full of dreams/and I could be the master of my destiny/but apparently that was wrong/I was meant to pick just one.”
The title comes from the Shakespearean character Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing. Magnus said that the character’s determined, independent, fiery nature is very similar to her own.
“Mr. O’Toole (Magnus’ Shakespeare teacher and director at BHS) would be proud,” Magnus said. “I’m such a Shakespeare nerd.”
She’s also a budding author and fashion designer as well. Magnus is currently working on an Edward Gorey-inspired book with brothers Joey and Rory, and with best friend Brittney Whitman is creating a line of cool tights and other hip fashions. Magnus said that sisters Azora and Ceili are proud supporters and sources of inspiration.
Magnus looks forward to having her family, including mom Colleen and dad Alan, and fans cheering her on at the Melody Tent, and beyond.
Life for Magnus right now?
“It’s awesome,” she said, flashing that amazing smile. “Wicked awesome.”

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