Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Groom campaigns for Hanson to play at wedding

Tuesday, June 7 2011, 15:47 BST
By Ben Lee, Editorial Assistant
A future groom is campaigning for Hanson to play at his wedding.

The wedding will take place on July 28, 2012 and James Bishop has been posting videos on his Tumblr account every day with his friend's help in a bid to convince the group to be his wedding band.

The blog's description reads: "The thing [James] wants most in the World, is for his favourite band Hanson to be his wedding band. (sic)

"Together with his friend Douch, they will be sending Hanson a daily video asking them to 'play at his wedding'."

Bishop has been uploading videos for the last 111 days. If he continues until his wedding day, he will have posted for 528 consecutive days.

"Join us here, every single day until the 28th July 2012 or when Hanson agree to do it," the blog continues. "Whichever comes first."
Watch James Bishop's video entry for Day 111 below:

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