Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanson added to V Festival 2011! OH YEAH.

We never thought we'd be writing that in 2011.

So the Virgin Media V Festival is basically just one of our most favourite dreams ever made into a reality. The latest addition to the already BANGIN' line-up is none other than the Mmmboppin' Hanson brothers, and we think we might be sick.
Although we're curious as to what else they'll play - does anyone care about any of their 'new material' really? Does anyone remember any of their songs apart from this?


No. We don't either.
So maybe they'll do a three minute and fifty four second set? Or maybe they'll just play a few different versions of it?
Who knows, all we know is we HAVE to see them play it live


Are you heading down to the wonder that is V Festival?
Check out the full line up on the next page, and then click next for some pictures of the new, grown up Hanson brothers and get ready to go 'ooh that's weird.'

We never thought we'd be writing that in 2011.



And Zac...

Oh how they've changed.
Anyway, will we be seeing you at Virgin Media V Festival?

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