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Britain's Got Talent final: Hanson root for New Bounce. But who do you think will win?

Britain's Got Talent's New Bounce more Jackon 5 than JLS say Hanson

Pia Michi - Mischa Barton 

Above: Hanson think Britain's Got Talent contestants New Bounce could have this competition in the bag

WHILE we’re all gearing up to find out who will win this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, Hanson think they’ve narrowed down 2011’s most deserved act.
When caught up with them, the trio – who performed their latest single, Give A little, on the Britain’s Got Talent after show this week – told us who they thought deserved their space in the final. And who not so much.

Taylor Hanson said: “New Bounce. They’re really talented. They could be a great band.”

Zac continued:  “Everyone was referencing JLS but I was thinking more Jackson Five.”

And while oldest member Isaac admits they have great voices, the band best known for their 1997 hit, Mmmbop, aren’t sure Britain will ever find great icons from a TV talent show like The X Factor.

Zac joked: “Elvis would probably lose. Head be shaking his pelvis and they’d say ‘That’s too much sexy!’ Or Michael Jackson would come on and they’d say ‘Oh you sing too high.’

“Those shows are about creating great television and that’s not necessarily for the sake of great art. Like Jean Martin, she’s going to the final! Really? Britain’s Got Talent?”

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ABOVE: Leading Hanson to believe Britain's Got Talent is less about performance skills and more of a laugh

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