Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking Little Time Off - by Zac Hanson

With 5of5 LONDON successfully finished and Shout it Out released in the UK we all decided to take a little time off, while we could. 
Over the last week Isaac, Taylor and I have been lying low enjoying one of the very isolated times each year when we decided to just STOP.

Now that is not really true because the day before yesterday we went up to Washington DC and did a mini concert with FRESH FM, and while we were together we couldn’t help but talk about what was coming up next.  We are planning to announce a US, Canada tour in the next few weeks that should start in September, and lead right into a tour in Europe (as promised).  The main thing we talked about is how to make this tour special.  We have just finished doing 5of5 LONDON and that means we have all 5 albums ready to play, and as we lead up to 2012 the end of the world, we are also getting close to the 20-year anniversary of HANSON.  Now if you want to come to the same conclusion we did get 3 hours of sleep play a concert meet 200 people eat an uncrustable 4 cashews and 12 green grapes... and then let that all stew around in your head for 4 hours.

We should be announcing the tour in the next few weeks so keep an eye out.  I am going to get back to playing a little xbox and relaxing.

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