Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hanson "Flattered" To Appear In Katy Perry's New Music Video

Hanson "Flattered" To Appear In Katy Perry's New Music VideoIf you've seen Katy Perry's latest music video for new single Last Friday Night (you can watch it below if you haven't), then you'll have noticed cameos from a number of special guests.
As well as Rebecca Black, Kenny G, Debbie Gibson and Glee's Darrenn Criss and Kevin McHale, the promo also features Hanson.
Speaking about their guest spot, Taylor Hanson says: "We were flattered to be asked, and it was great to be a part of it.
"We had a really good time. It was one of those things that worked out really well. They said [they] needed a band to play the party, and we thought we could bring the party - even if it was a fictional party."
Taylor also revealed Katy's dedication to making the video work so well. "She was completely in character and to the point of like, 'Okay, where does Katy Perry begin and this character end?' And, honestly, it seemed like she kind of is a method person.
"She seems like she goes in all the way," Hanson added to MTV News.
"So we hung out a little bit, and during the performance and everything, obviously, we were all there on set, but she was definitely inside of the character throughout the shoot, which sounds tiring to me."
Katy Perry - Last Friday Night video:

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