Monday, September 20, 2010

Too young to kill

From what I can tell, Hanson' songs makes calm and they can show me answers for several moments, and now they're giving me nightmares! This lyric is not official, but now you can have an idea what it tells us. Enjoy!

 Too young to kill
 it was only a case of passion spurned...?
we were only 16 when the crime occurred
we fled the scene in a stolen truck
we got away, beginners luck

we hit the road as the sun came up
700 miles by the time we stopped
after that night, it was all down hill
i was too young to kill

my father said our luck (love?) would never last
and what you're feeling now, soon will pass
jenny's got a plan to finish school
so you better give it up now, you little fool

well he tightened his fist, my face he struck
jenny yelled no as i tried to get up
i grabbed my gun and his face went pale
he said, you're too young to kill

we got away scott free, so we thought
And outside the centerfield is where we got caught
and as jenny stepped in front of me
well, a shot rang out, she fell to her knees

got my diploma at the county jail
only 18 but i've written my will
hell, i've read in the daily mail
he's too young to kill

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