Monday, September 13, 2010

Hanson Brothers Reading Gary Shteyngart; Discover the Novel's Most Highlighted Kindle Passage

By Jason Boog on Aug 19, 2010 11:23 AM - Old, but still good.

One member of the pop group Hanson is currently reading Gary Shteyngart's new novel, Super Sad True Love Story. If you can guess the right band member, you could win a copy of the book.

Paper magazine has been following Hanson's "Shout It Out" tour this summer, and posted with a new contest: "Someone in the sunny pop trio is indeed unwinding with a copy of Shyteyngart's biting satire on a tech-obsessed, dystopian America at the end of their day. But who? You tell us. The person who correctly guesses which Hanson is reading this book and shares their own super-sad true love story in the comments section below, will receive an autographed copy of the book from the author!"

Want to hear something even crazier? Amazon tracks customer's underlines for the Most Highlighted Books of All Time list. In a crazy twist of fate, the most underlined passage in Shyteyngart's new novel voices a problem that eventually faces all boy bands: "My youth has passed, but the wisdom of age hardly beckons. Why is it so hard to be a grown-up man in this world?"

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