Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanson Reveal How 'Shout It Out' Is Connected to Motown

By PopEater Staff Posted Sep 28th 2010 01:00PM

Hanson are currently on the road in support of their latest album, 'Shout It Out,' and have been checking in from the road all along the way. In their latest video, the band hits the West Coast, stopping to talk about their more "straight ahead" album and its strong ties to Motown.

"One of the great things about this new record was we were able to sort of connect with Motown in a major way," Taylor tells Adam Corolla on his talk show. "One is [that] most of the record was recorded on a Motown console, an old Neve. But the bass player we brought in at the end was Bob Babbit -- he's one of the only white guys that played in the [Funk Brothers]. James Jameson and Bob Babbit are the guys."

Watch Taylor open up about the band has moved away from R&B, and hear more from Hanson's interviews with Corolla and KLOS's Mark and Brian after the jump.

As the summer is winding to a close, the Shout It Out Tour has taken us west through L.A., San Francisco and up the Northwest. This run has taken us to a few places we have not been in a couple years, like Portland and Seattle, plus our first Canadian show on the SIO Tour in Vancouver following about a week of shows in California. Check out some clips from around the West Coast, and some random visits to the one and only Adam Carolla Show, and our buds Mark and Brian at KLOS in Los Angeles. There's also some clips from the tour kick off, set to the song 'Give A Little' from our livestreamed performance in San Francisco. Thanks to the amazing fans that have come out all tour long, hope you enjoy this weeks vi vi video. Enjoy.

-Taylor, Isaac and Zac

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