Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isaac Mistery.

Yesterday they were live, singing Long Way To The Top. They seemed pretty happy ..  Taylor grabbed his camera and took several photos, lay down and took Isaac's, from Zac on drums .. and at the end of this broadcast was where everything happened.


It seems that Ike mixed up a few words from that song and Tay said aloud: "What was that? what is your problem?" And Isaac made some signs saying he did not know what Taylor was saying and then he got angry, wanted to leave the stage and Zac took both hands to thank the audience. Soon after Taylor was talking to Isaac and Ike took Tay's arms and they left the scene. And finally, someone heard Zac saying: "i dont know what was wrong with isaac"
Thats it :(
And the only thing we know is that today, Isaac was not in the transmission and the walk was canceled.

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