Saturday, September 25, 2010


Usually Fridays are hard working, always tired. But late yesterday afternoon when I finally gave my departure time, two colleagues left the company with me and got into my car before me, sat down and turned on the sound. It was no surprise to them when the music started playing was Hanson and was very loud! The three of us started to dance to the beat of "Give a Little" and at least five neighbors stopped to watch us pass that crazy loud car, with 3 happy people and listening to Hanson. It was very nice, especially because my friends weren't  fans of my favorite band.

And then I went for my post graduation. I chose Middle of Nowhere CD for the short trip. I have the slight feeling I was hoarse in class because I was screaming the whole way those lyrics. I love it. Once there, the internet was not working, and I couldn't see any Hanson news from there. I went home disappointed and at night I dreamed that someone had stolen my car in the parking lot of my post graduation school and I was just sad because of my CDs Hanson were inside!

Well, that was it and I just wanted to share with you!

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