Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanson in Argentina Review! By Cecy!

And Hanson came back to Argentina ...

To think of those short 3 days that Hanson stayed in Argentina  excites me, make me feel something special and deep, especially because I expected this visit for 6 years, 7 months and 22 days.
Hanson returned to play in Argentina last November 9 in Teatro Colegiales. The guys, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, arrived on Argentine soil on November 7 after noon. 

Their journey continued in San Telmo, where they walked, did some shopping and photographed along with several fans who followed their footsteps through the city.
The next day, Hanson visited Fox Sports studios for the tv show "Football para todos" where, in a totally fun interview, answered several questions that we, fans,  wanted to ask them many times before. They also took the opportunity to play some of their songs.

Each time they left their hotel in the neighborhood of Montserrat, a pilgrimage of fans followed them in a caravan, waiting for the much desired photo or  some autographs.
During the afternoon, the boys set out to do interviews for various media, but the best thing was yet to come.
Hanson always said that  Argentinean fans were effusive and  overwhelming, reasons why in previous visits,  they did not dare sticking their noses out of the hotel without the presence of security personnel, but this time was different.

Maybe because we've left adolescence behind, we were able to demonstrate composure and we accomplished what no other group of fans of any other country achieved: The band came to the door of the hotel just after 20 pm. to sign autographs and take pictures with over 60 fans who were stationed there, waiting for this moment.

They were friendly, with a smile always on their lips, accessible and willing to joke with each comment. It was simply spectacular, and my inner 13 year-old girl,  who fell in love with these 3 blonde and their music back in 97, wept with joy. Finally, after 14 years of fanaticism I got my autographs.

And  Wednesday November 9th arrived, the day was marked with a fluo green heart on my kitchen calendar. Excited, she prepared some mates, was creating in my mind the long-awaited concert. The day had arrived, as I sang that song so many times ... "Day has come...."
Once in the line I could feel  in the air the adrenaline and the expectation of each one of the people who were waiting for the doors to open.
There were people from almost every province, even people of Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.
 We were all so happy that not even the rain could calmed our emotions, even before entering, many girls burst into tears. I heard more than one commenting that it was the first time they could attend a Hanson concert.
The clock marked 7 pm when the doors of the Theatre, located in the heart of Colegiales, was opened. I was fortunate to be one of the first to get in, happy to be against the fence, right in front of me, just 6 meters away was Zac's drumm set.
Little by little the room was getting filled, my heart began to beat faster, in just moments, all the waiting would be rewarded.
At 20 began playing the opening band, Normandia, who eased our nerves a little with a setlist full of rock.
Suddenly, the curtain closes, you can see movement, a hand with a camera appears and takes 3 photos.
Seconds later, we heard the beating of the drum sticks against the drum, the lights got turned off, I got a knot in my throat, you hear the deafening shouting of the fans to the tune of OLE OLE OLE OLE HANSON HANSON.
Without further dues,  the curtain opens and Hanson appeared, each one on their place. Isaac, the guitarist, with his cell phone in hand was filming the frenzied audience.
Taylor greets us and says some words in Spanish before starting to play "Waiting for this", the song chosen to start the show.
In this song,  fans, had prepared a surprise. Half way through of it we got up posters which you could read the phrase "Thanks for coming back".
The show was a party, they made us go through a tour of each of their albums and 3 solos.

Here is the complete Setlist:

Waiting For This
Where’s The Love
Thinking Bout Somethin
Thinking Of You
Get Up And Go
This Time Around
Crazy Beautiful
Strong Enough To Break
Runaway Run
Penny and Me
Go (Solo de Zac)
More Than Anything (Solo de Ike)
Save Me (Solo de Tay)
Carry You There
Minute Without You
Give a Little
Lost Without Each Other

After that song, they made a bow and left the stage, only to return minutes later with 2 bonus tracks: If Only & In The City in which the pogo dance and  jumping were master and lord or the venue.
Just after 22:30 all came to an end, a final bow, a final THANKS Spanish.
I'll never forget this concert, although it was the 3rd that I've went for this band, it was definitely the one I most enjoyed, the one I was more close to them, the first one in which I got emotional and cried (during Deeper and Ike's solo)

The next day, early in the morning, they set off for Chile, where fans were waiting for their visit after 11 years .

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