Thursday, August 18, 2011

Show goes on for Sara Bareilles, with help from Hanson

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Show goes on for Sara Bareilles, with help from Hanson
Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles and band members sport Hanson T-shirts during their performance at Cain's Ballroom. Their equipment was damaged or destroyed in the catastrophic stage collapse on Aug. 16 at the Indiana State Fair. They performed in Tulsa using equipment on loan from the band Hanson. KEVIN PYLE / for the Tulsa World


Local pop-rocker Hanson lent a helping hand to touring artist Sara Bareilles on Tuesday night during her Tulsa tour stop.

The trio of brothers set her up with a stage full of gear so she could perform her scheduled concert at Cain's Ballroom, said Cain's Ballroom co-owner Alice Rodgers.

Most of Bareilles' band's gear was buried or destroyed after Saturday's catastrophic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, which she had just finished playing when the stage went down. The stage collapse killed five people and injured dozens more.

Bareilles' band showed appreciation by donning "I Heart Hanson" tees.

Also, Hanson rolls through Cain's Ballroom on Sept. 20 on the "Musical Ride" tour. Tickets are $26, plus fees, available at all Reasor's grocery stores, Starship Records and Ida Red. Charge by phone at 918-584-2306 or buy online at

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