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Oasis & Kings Of Leon Offered Some Fatherly Advice…By Hanson

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Posted on 15 Aug 2011 at 8:46am
Noel Gallagher performs with Oasis (Photo: Live4ever)
Noel Gallagher (Photo: Live4ever)
Isaac Hanson, the eldest member of pop trio Hanson, has moved to offer some words of wisdom for the currently troubled Kings Of Leon, while also providing his take on the live affairs of Oasis.
During an interview with WENN, Hanson poured scorn on musicians whom he believes ‘act like pricks’, specifically marking out Kings Of Leon as particular examples after their recent US tour cancellation.

“I have a hard time with musicians who act like pricks because it just makes me mad,” he explained. “If you’re actually making a living doing it, pinch yourself every day, because it goes if you don’t love it and people will eventually get pissed off.”
“I’m gonna call somebody out on it – the Kings Of Leon are running some risks. They’re irritating people and you can’t do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans’ willingness to show up,” he continued.
“Their fans will get bummed out. Everybody has their demons, everyone has their challenges. I’m a bit of a hothead in certain circumstances, but you gotta temper it because your fans are there and they’ve paid good money to see a show, and you gotta bring it.”
Hanson went on to compare Kings Of Leon’s situation to that of Oasis, whom he claimed had their gig experience affected due to various touring problems during their early years, despite the Manchester band enjoying record ticket sales in the years leading up to their split.
“Oasis got that too and it hurt them ultimately, because it made it hard for people to have a lot of fun at their shows – because they were worried that Noel was gonna get pissed off and walk off,” he said.
Kings Of Leon have recently laughed off rumours frontman Caleb Followill is close to being sacked, with drummer Nathan tweeting: “Breaking News. Kings of Leon has kicked Caleb out and Jared and Matt will be taking over lead vocals. Where do people come up with this? Hilarious.”

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