Monday, August 15, 2011

Hanson - Hanson Offer Fans The Chance To Pick Album They'll Perform At Shows

Hanson Brothers Team Up With Toms Shoes For A One Mile Walk across The City Of West Hollywood to help end poverty and AIDS in AfricaPop trio Hanson are calling on fans to select the album they'll play in its entirety each time they perform on their upcoming Musical Ride tour.
Devotees can vote for their favourite release right up to the day of the gig on the group's website and the brothers will play the record which most people want to hear.
Bandmate Isaac Hanson tells WENN the idea sprang from a string of shows they performed in New York and London last year (10), during which they played each of their five albums over the course of five shows.
He explains, "After doing this in London about a month ago - again - that we were going to allow for fans to not just vote on songs, but entire records we were gonna play each night.
"So we put up three records; we kinda rotate them out - we wanted to keep it interesting. And every single night people can vote for the record of their choice... It's gonna be a lot of fun and we're excited for the challenge.
"Fans will come for, like, three shows in a row so we try to make it interesting for people."

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