Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ology's Very First Celebrity Crushes

Everyone remembers their very first celebrity crush. People from Saved by the Bell and N 'Sync may be common choices but the Ology staff were just a bit more original. Check out who we once swooned over.
Sports Editor Bison Messink: 

"Stephanie Tanner from Full House." Prior to her meth days.
Film Editor Anna Breslaw:

"Xander Harris from Buffy The Vampire Slayer because he was a dreamy wisecracker."
Fashion Editor Lauren Caruso: 

"Zac Hanson because DUH he is and always will be the most talented drummer ever."
Politics Editor Noah Rothman:

"Heather O'Rourke (Carole Anne from Poltergeist). I was attracted to this chick, mostly because she was my age at the time I saw her on VHS. However, as I was unaware, she was already dead by the time I had a crush on her. This added a layer of authenticity to Poltergeist which I found enjoyable, but my crush quickly dissipated once I realized it could never be."
TV Editor Emily Cheever:

"I think this would go on to form my taste in men overall--but no joke my first crush was Egon from Ghostbusters. Not Harold Ramis mind you, but the cartoon version of Egon."
Features Editor Matt Marquez:

"I'll go with Christine Taylor from Hey Dude. I can barely remember her character but I do remember thinking she was a cutie. Otherwise I'll go with Cybill Shepherd.
Creative Manager Chelsea Davison: 

"JTT. I even had an autographed headshot of him."
Sports Editor Anthony Schneck:

"Dominique Moceanu. I think the 1996 Olympics was etched in every guy's head."
Managing Editor Sharon Tharp:

"Joshua Jackson because Charlie Conway and Pacey Witter are two of the best characters ever written. The end."
Music Editor JT Langley: 

JT could not be reached for comment but the Ology staff believes his very first celebrity crush was Justin Bieber.
Film Editor Benny Gammerman:

"I had/have it baaaaaaad for Larisa Oleynik, aka Alex Mack."
Celebs Editor Stephanie Webber:

"Luke Brower from Growing Pains. As in, Leonardo DiCaprio. Yea, even before Titanic. What a good find."
Geek Editor Josh Harrison:

"Immediately prior to the filming of 1995's Casper, the production team commissioned a scientific research firm to find the two most universally crush-worthy teenagers in the entire 1990s. Their test results--made public in 2010 per an official mandate from the U.S. Supreme Court--introduced the world to Devon Sawa (whatevs) and, more importantly, teenage Christina Ricci. If you did not want to sweep her off her feet in ol' Whipstaff Manor, you were doing childhood wrong."
We shared ours, now you tell us yours!

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