Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frankie Muniz Performing at Soapbox with Band

By Alex Pompliano

There’s always a catch-22 when actors are in bands.

On one hand, it brings immediate attention to their music. On the other hand, their fame can overshadow the band’s sole purpose. Occasionally, some push through the misdirected spotlight and prevail (see: 30 Seconds to Mars), while others cave under the weight of their lopsided recognition (remember Dogstar?).

You can decide which side of the celebrity musician spectrum You Hang Up will end up on April 9 when Frankie Muniz will man the drums in the middle of the stage at Soapbox with his new band.

In the early 2000s, Frankie Muniz was one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens due to his role in the comedy television series “Malcolm in the Middle.” The show was immensely popular, earning a Peabody, seven Emmys and making Muniz a household name. It ran for seven years, making it almost impossible to distinguish Muniz from Malcolm.

Outside the series, he tried to shake off the typecast stigma by starring in lackluster, but popular movies like Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat Liar and My Dog Skip. More recently, Muniz has managed to seep into pop culture with an interesting cameo in “Punk’d” and minor roles as Buddy Holly in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and as a comic book-writer turned serial killer in “Criminal Minds.”

After trying his hand at executive producing, writing screenplays and car racing, Muniz has recently turned to music. Last year he filled the drummer position for Phoenix-based band You Hang Up. According to Muniz, he took interest in the instrument after being taught by how to (mmm)bop the drums by Zac Hanson.

If the mentioning of Muniz and Hanson doesn’t already evoke enough nostalgia, the music of You Hang Up will be sure to, as it recalls the heyday of emo-rock and will be sure to please fans of Yellowcard and The Early November. Their songs are polished and catchy with sensitive vocals backed with muscle from its driving guitars and drums.

You Hang Up is currently finishing up recording its debut album, which is set to be released on July 27. Check out You Hang Up at the Soapbox April 9 – but don’t expect a cover of “Boss of Me.Details: 9 p.m. Saturday, 255 N. Front St., downtown Wilmington. $10.

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