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Scoring goals for the Treasure in Port Stephens

23/07/2011 , 12:19 PM by Jenny Marchant

Carla and Leonie First time contestants Carla and Leonie got to the Treasure at Anna Bay with just a few minutes to spare today, but with lots of help from Port Stephens locals it was a resounding win!

1233's Phil Ashley-Brown collected clues from the Tomaree Community Garden, Salamander Ambulance Station, a hockey club, Taylors Beach and the historic cemetery at Anna Bay.

Phil even showed off his hockey skills, by shooting goals for a red envelope!

Read on for all the clues and explanations.


As we approach Miss Antoinette, the gendarmes could come across and separate the powers. Circling them, we see the peasants gather. Brassicas abound, and you can enjoy what sounds like writing home.

The clue was at the Tomaree Community Gardens. Approach is "to", Miss Antoinette is "Marie, so to + Marie gives Tomaree. Gendarmes are Police, and the police station is across ("come across") the road from the Tomaree Community Gardens. "Separate the powers" refers to the separation of Church and State (or government), and the Gardens are on the corner of Church St and Government Road. You need to go around the roundabout (circle) to get there; and a gathering of peasants is a community. There are lots of Brassicas in the garden and there's lettuce, which sounds like letters (writing home).


A damsel ran confused from Our Eastley with Mymecia nigriceps. Symbolically, it's almost like the Swiss swap. Braying, the German declines romantic Don twice - listen, don't you know where we are?

The clue was at the Salamander Ambulance Station. "A damsel ran" is an anagram of "Salamander". Our Eastley is Tony Eastley, on AM. Mymecia nigriceps are bull ants. The AM-bull-ants (or Ambulance) station is where the clue was. If you swap or reverse the colours of the Swiss flag, you almost get the Ambulance logo. "Eeeyaw" is the sound of a donkey braying; it's also the sound an ambulance makes. A German declining would say "no". German for no is "Nein". A romantic Don is Don Juan, and twice gives us juan juan. "Nein Juan Juan" sounds like 911. That's the emergency number in America - but don't you know where you are? It's not the emergency number here.


Hook in to find a decent, elaborate exchange price for Ms Hug and Kiss. The representative for our northern southern neighbours says bring a bib and a gun to obtain your desire. The sound clue inspires you, and nearby you waste not want not.

The clue was at the hockey centre at Salamander. "Hook in" is a hockey reference. Decent is another word for Sporting, elaborate is a synonym for complex. An exchange price is to sell, and Ms Hug and Kiss' first name is Amanda (Amanda Hugnkiss). Add "sell" to "Amanda" and you get something close to "Salamander". Joe Hockey is the representative for our northern southern neighbours because he's the member for North Sydney. You needed to bring a bib because you had to dribble the ball, and a gun because you had to shoot at the goals. The sound clue is a kookaburra and the Kookaburras are the national men's hockey team. "Waste not want not" refers to the nearby recycling centre.


Go between Zac and Isaac, or behind James and Elizabeth and find yourself with a comical whale. Tie your laces and connect with the Lady's rough friend. The pungent one would relate the detail. One of seven friends lost his head, and is not working.

The clue was on the wharf at Taylors Beach. Between Zac and Isaac Hanson is Taylor Hanson. Behind James and Elizabeth is also Taylor. The comical whale refers to the "Beached Az" cartoon, which takes us to Taylors Beach. You tie your laces in a bow. The Lady's rough friend is the Tramp. Bow + tramp sounds like boat ramp. 1233's Stinker Clarke is the pungent one, and he'd be able to relate the detail on the fishing sign where the clue was stuck. The seven friends are the seven dwarfs, and if one loses its head it'd lose the "d", giving us warf. The wharf is closed, and is not working at Taylors Beach.


Where water meets water, 'tis water you'll see.
But don't be misled by the anglers; flee
To a shipwreck cove, with no bow and no stern,
Where the settlers of yore complete their sojourn.

Water (Pacific Avenue) meets water (Ocean Avenue) where you'll see water, because these two avenues meet at a headland. Don't be mislead by Fisherman's Bay (anglers), because there is an Ocean St and a Pacific St just five minutes down the road at Anna Bay! Shipwreck Cove leads to "Hannah Bay", which is the wreck the town was named after. But no bow or stern means the "h's" are dropped, giving us "Anna Bay". The town's early settlers rest in a cemetery on the headland at the cnr of Pacific and Ocean Avenues.

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