Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Members Only Events "The Story"

During The Musical Ride Tour we will be doing five different members only events where we will be telling "The Story" of an album. I have seen a few questions about this and I wanted to clear them up.

Each event will be held as a part of a concert.  At each event Hanson.net members will be let into the venue early for The Story, and after The Story is over doors will be open to the public.
Q: What is The Story

A: Simply it is The Story of a HANSON album.  At each story event we will sit down and tell the soty of the making of one of our albums, talk about writing songs, about recording, and for that matter aything else that comes to mind.

Q: Why are you doing five Members Only Events on this tour?
A: two reasons. 1. We like to do as much as we can to do special things for Hanson.net members and the more events we do the more we can spread them out across the country. 2. We have five studio albums so the plan is to talk about one of them at each Event.

Q: When will all the dates be announced?
A: We had hoped to announce all of then sooner, but we have had diffeculty getting some of the venues to agree to host us.  We will make sure to send an e-mail blast out with all the details as soon as all five locatioions are confirmed, until then check the news or the events section for details.

From: Hanson.net

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