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Taylor Hanson celebrates birthday today

Taylor Hanson, center, seen here with his brothers Isaac, left, Zac Hanson of Tulsa's pop-soul band Hanson celebrates his birthday today. BRYAN JOHNSON/Courtesy

By RITA SHERROW World Television Editor
Published: 3/14/2012  12:11 PM
Last Modified: 3/14/2012  12:11 PM

Tulsan Taylor Hanson, one third of Tulsa favorite's pop-soul group Hanson, celebrates his 29th birthday today.
He was 14 when he and his brothers' song "MMMBop" hit the top of the radio charts in April 1997, according to

Jordan Taylor Hanson married Natalie Anne Bryant in June 2002 and they have four children, Jordan Ezra, Penelope Anne, River Samuel and Viggo Moriah.

He and brothers Isaac and Zac are the sons of Diana and Walker Hanson.

The band conitnues on its "Shout It Out World Tour" with concerts March 30 and 31 in Manila and Cebu, Philippines.

By RITA SHERROW World Television Editor

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