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Tara's Hanson MOE Review!

So, Tara (@Luv2Read83)is a lovely girl, and now she's my friend. She went to Tulsa, to see Hanson live ♥ And she wrote us a Review! Lets read:

Okay, so I got into Tulsa late friday night and just went straight to the hotel, where I met the other girls and then pretty much went straight to bed. 

The next morning, we got up early so that we could go stand in line for the MOE. We actually lined up around 8:45, even though you weren't supposed to line up until 10. Nobody said anything, though, so we stayed. And i basically just spent the next 5 hours chatting with other Hanson fans. I also met V when I was waiting in the line and she hung out with us. They were late getting check in started, so the concert was delayed. They didn't open the doors until 1:30 and the concert didn't start until 2. I HAD GREAT SEATS! I was in the middle of the second row - which was great. I had such a great view. They didn't set up on the stage, the set up on the floor and then put the chairs around, I was so close! And then, they came out and started playing. They said that they were going to play songs from past member EPs, as well as the songs from the new EP. This is the set list:

Sonny Get Your Gun
Sunny day
Time Baby Take It - Ike came out and did a solo on the guitar during this one. Right in front of me!!!!!! AHHHH!
Get out of my heart
Live forever
Next Train
Coming Back For More
Waiting For This
Thinking Bout Somethin
Give a Little
There was actually one song that Zac wanted to sing, but then I heard Taylor tell him "I'm not sure how that one goes" I wish I knew what song it was! He didn't say it into the microphone, but I heard because I was so close. I'm really curious to know which song, so if someone happens to mention that to you, let me know, okay? So Zac was like "We don't know rts which song we are going to play. Any requests?" so everyone starts shouting, and they said the couldn't understand. So they played Waiting for This and TBS. We had all been sitting the whole time, and right before GAL, Zac said "Your butts aren't glued to your chairs, you know." We had been sitting down the whole time, just waiting for them to tell us to stand up, or at least I was. Because they usually tell us it's okay.   So we all stood up and got closer to the stage. Taylor got this look on his face, like he was a little scared. LOL! Then, they played GAL and we all danced and had a great time. Then, they said that they were going to go away and come back and answer questions. They took questions from the audience - I couldn't think of anything to ask! Someone asked about the rumor that Michael Jackson wrote a song for them, and they said that it was true, but they were still trying to work out how to record it. Then, V asked if Zac would give her his drumsticks and he did. (I forgot which question she asked - sorry! You will have to ask her.) Then, a male fan stood up and asked if they had any ideas on how to increase the male fan base, and Taylor said "Well, we really don't want to. We have a great view!" And they made more jokes about that, but I don't remember exactly. Then someone asked what superpower they would have. Isaac said that he would like the ability to remember any song, especially for 5of5 concerts. I don't remember what Zac said, and Taylor didn't answer. I think he forgot. There were a few more, but I don't remember. You will have to get V to fill in the blanks!
After that, they called us up by rows to take group pictures. I stood right next to Zac. AHHHH! He has the sweetest smile. It just lights up his whole face. I can't wait until they post the pictures on HNet. They let the first group chat with the guys and shake hands, but the lady there told us, "Okay, time to go. Merch is that way" So, me and my friend Lauren went around behind her to shake Ike and Taylor's hand and say hi! LOL! healthy disrespect for the rules, as Taylor would say. But that was all we had time for. Then, we went and bought Merchindise. I got a violet "Facing the Blank Page" shirt and a 2012 Hanson calender. I wanted hansonopoly, but they were sold out. They were also selling the hanson rings, but they sold out of my size. :( I guess I will have to save and get those later. It was too late for us to do the walk, so we went to the Blue Rose Cafe to eat dinner. We were all starving by that point! After, we went around downtown Tulsa and saw some of the sights and did some shopping. I got a jacket that said Cain's Ballroom on it, because it was really cold there and I didn't plan for it because it's already really warm in Mississippi. I also got a "Tulsa Is My Graceland" pin. I have it on my purse now. 
After that, we went to find the MOE house, but it was dark, so we couldn't see it that well. Then, we went to a coffee shop and talked until the other session got out and we met up with the other girls we were staying with. After that, it was really late, so we just went back to the room and went to bed. 
Sunday, we went to Double Shot coffee. Sad to say, but the coffee there wasn't actually that good. :( Actually, I didn't think any of the coffee I had the whole weekend was really good. There's a random fact about Tulsa - no good coffee. LOL! Then, V and I went off to find the MOE house. She wanted to get out of the car and take pictures, but there was someone there, so I told her we should just stay in the car. We also found the 77th street sign from the song "Stories" and took pictures. Then, we went to the Philbrook and took pictures of the garden. It was really beautiful. Then, it was time time to fly home!
I had  a great weekend. Hanson is so awesome and they are so good to their fans. (They like us, they really like us!) I will post pictures in a few days, but I'm actually about to head out of town again, and I'm not sure if I will have internet access.  What a crazy life I lead!
I'm going to listen to the EP the whole way, though. It' is awesome. Sunny Get Your Gun is a beautiful Zac lead song, Sunny Day is your classic upbeat Hanson song, Time, Baby Take It is an Ike lead, and it is AWESOME! It has such a good groove to it. Bittersweet is a really sweet love song, Zac lead, about marriage and how things in life keep changing. And Get Out of My Heart is a Taylor lead, and it kind of reminds me of Got a Hold On me, lyrically at least. Musically it's different.Well, that's all for now. 


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Hane said...

Tara, I asked about MJ song!!!! LOL Thank you for everything! you and the girls are soooooo sweet! It was great to meet you in person! :)


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