Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A message from Zac Hanson

HANSON Day was awesome


I just wanted to say the HANSON Day Celebration last weekend was Awesome!
We had an amazing time, I hope everyone enjoyed their travels to Tulsa.  Every year we are trying to make each MOE (Members Only Events) cooler then the last.  We are already thinking about what will come later this year, and how we can start planning 2012's HANSON Day now and make it a standing date, almost like a festeval for members.  Thanks to everyone who was there, don't forget to watch it streamed saturday.

1 People talked to us:

~*JuJu DiVa*~ said...

I'm working really hard to get enough money to join the fan club and go to the next MOE!
Wish me luck!! \o/


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